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Our Mission

As BAYEXPRESS its our objective to see our customers happy with our fast, affordable and customer focused services. Regardless of the parcel’s weight which will be delivered, BAYEXPRESS approaches all customers with same care, and its our pleasure to provide them our services.

Our Vision

Let us not forget that, BAYEXPRESS is a brand that has the ability to engage in international transportation with its expertise on legal paper work.

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If partial tonnage of goods is more than cubic meter, tonnage is taken into consideration.

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If the weight of the commodity is higher than the volume weight, the freight is calculated on the basis of the gross weight.

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Who we are

Our firm is located in Istanbul İkitelli, BAYEXPRESS brand provides its customers professional, secure and affordable prices. Our expert team provides 7/24 consulting service to keep our customers expectations their top priority. Especially, our firm has been specialised in airways, export and maritime transporting made its objective to offer our customers secure ways of delivery.