Track Your Shipment :

As Bayexpress we make customs clearance and legal paperwork according to Turkish Laws for products you wish you bring from other countries to Turkey.


As Bayexpress, we make sure the product you produce or have will be delivered to any country you want to.

Maritime Transports

As Bayexpress, our maritime transports service includes that any parcel you have will be delivered to any country you want with affordable prices and without delay.

Air Transport

Regardless of size, parcel, paper, valuable, pets, office tools and food of every kind and more will be taken into care by our firm and will be delivered to your desired destination.

Special Delivery

Are you receiving a special parcel or about to send one? Contact our customer services and learn your options.

Perishable Parcels

If youre worried about sending perishable fruits and foods such as eggs, fish, chocolate and more you don’t need to, you have BAYEXPRESS. Our firm has a service for such goods.

Sample Delivery

Do you want to bring a sample from a foreign country? Or do you simply wish to introduce your products in a different country? Then you are at the right page! BAYEXPRESS will take care of your parcel in the shortest period of time and will make you

Extra Luggage Service

While shopping did you get more than what you should? It’s not a problem anymore with BAYEXPRESS you can send whatever you wish to abroad. You only need to contact our customers services and let them know about your need.

Valuable Parcels

Do you have antics, or other valuables that you want to transport? Your valuables could be transported with our care. For more information contact our customer services.

Funeral Transport

Anywhere around the world either bring or send a funeral to a desired destination. BAYEXPRESS works according to its customers wishes. There is legal paper work for transportation of funerals, please contact our customer services for more informati

Dangerous Substance Transportation

If you wish by air or land BAYEXPRESS will make sure your special cargo will be delivered to its destination with affordable prices and shortest period available.

Delivery to adress

From available countries in our list we provide transportation by air for your cargo. You chose the country, we set the price. For all your deliveries our firm will provide affordable prices and secure transportation.

Fairs Abroad

Fairs, domestically or internationally are organized for firms to introduce their products to a wider audience in large locations. Your products will be taken from where you desire and will be delivered to any fair you wish.

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Who we are

Our firm is located in Istanbul İkitelli, BAYEXPRESS brand provides its customers professional, secure and affordable prices. Our expert team provides 7/24 consulting service to keep our customers expectations their top priority. Especially, our firm has been specialised in airways, export and maritime transporting made its objective to offer our customers secure ways of delivery.